delilah range of products

Why delilah?

Recently on training I was chatting to another clinic owner, she asked me what products I stock in clinic. ‘Alumier MD’ was my answer as I only like to have top quality to recommend to my clients!

‘NO... What cosmetics?’

So, I told her as a clinic and not a spa I don’t sell cosmetics.

Amazed she then says about how I remove imperfections from people’s skin, do rejuvenation and improve skin health with Peels, facials and products and then send them off to buy their makeup from somewhere else!!!

This got me thinking...

So I did some research and found ‘delilah’. A fabulous brand that I love everything about. Paraben free, not tested on animals. A beautiful range used to enhance beautiful skin, not to mask it.

Celebrity makeup artists use delilah on the likes of Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis so there is a great following for these cosmetics.

Going alongside with my skincare range, delilah, to know that the delilah foundation ‘Time Frame’ has peptides and antioxidants in it then I’m confident I’m keeping true to my commitment to supplying the best for my clients as well as getting the best results in the Laser Treatments.

A little more about the brand...

THE delilah STORY

delilah was born out of friendship, a passion for cosmetics, and the desire to help women of all ages to look and feel beautiful.

The team behind delilah is Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White.

Driven by the lack of boutique British brands, the team has poured all its experience and expertise into delilah. They were inspired by an abundance of quintessentially English influences, from Britannia Metal, a traditional semi-precious, pewter coloured metal that inspired the design of the packaging, to the crown gold accents that run through the whole line. Crown gold was a rose-coloured gold introduced by Henry VIII to replace the gold sovereign.

Finally, of course, the symbol, the beautiful pale pink Delilah rose, a true icon of British beauty.

delilah has been created as a capsule collection of carefully formulated cosmetics which offers women a touch of understated luxury, they can enjoy every day. All the cosmetics are paraben free and no animal testing has been conducted or commissioned for any delilah products.

Delilah products

Wrinkle-Busting Foundation

When it comes to anti-ageing, I always thought the science stopped with skincare but then I found delilah’s Time Frame Foundation SPF 20, It lights up my skin like nothing else, and its packed with powerful antioxidants - goodbye, fine lines!

Wrinkle-Busting Foundation

Price from £34.00

The New Must-Haves,
delilah Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer


delilah Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer in Medium Dark, When it comes to mattifying bronzers, this one comes up trumps. The lightweight texture blends evenly and effectively and contains vitamin E for skin protection and jojoba oil for natural hydration, so your complexion feels as good as it looks.

The New Must-Haves, delilah Sunset Compact Matte Bronzer

Price from £34.00

Imagine Light as Liquid...

Pure Light Liquid Radiance is the latest addition to the delilah family. Encased in a sleek, rose gold and glass bottle, this beautiful liquid highlighter uses a luxurious but lightweight formula with illuminating agents to give you that desired ‘lit-from-within’ glow. It works to simultaneously smooth and brighten the complexion, whilst visibly reducing the appearance of any unwanted imperfections and banishing that dreaded winter dullness.

As well as offering a hint of glamour, essential within the run-up to the festive party season, Pure Light Liquid Radiance is also infused with enriching Vitamin E. This works to actively protect the skin from daily damage of free radicals, which are primary culprits in the ageing process, and helps to retain an enviable, youthful glow.

Imagine Light as Liquid...

Price from £32.00

Available in Clinic...
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