Laser Vascular Treatment

Vascular Treatments

Do you find yourself wearing heavy make-up, just to cover the veins on your face?

Do you have visible veins on your legs?

Do you avoid wearing shorts and skirts for fear that people will see the veins that you have been hiding?

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The Treatment

Thread veins on the face or legs can be treated in just a few sessions with laser therapy. The treatment can fade, reduce or eliminate the damaged vessels so they are less noticeable therefore giving you your confidence back leaving your legs looking clear and as beautiful as ever.

The Retreat Laser Clinic is happy to announce that we are now offering treatment using the best laser technology:

The Elite+™ by Cynosure®

Suitable for:

  • Unsightly veins
  • Rosacea
  • Diffuse Redness
  • Post pregnancy or menopause
  • Skin Types I-III

Consultation and patch test required before treatment-FREE!

Elite+™ by Cynosure®
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Before Treatment

To reduce skin reaction to a minimum, it is necessary to avoid the following for 48 hours prior to treatment:

*Aspirin. * Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen. * Alcohol

If you are using glycolic acid products, do not use on the day of treatment.

You can apply make-up as normal before coming to the clinic as we always cleanse the skin immediately before any treatment.

Allow enough time after treatment to cool the skin with ice packs. (up to 30 minutes)

Because of the possibility of pigment alteration, the skin needs to be as pale as possible. Do not use a sunbed, fake tanning products and protect your skin from UV exposure by using a nonchemical sun block for four weeks prior to treatment.

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After Treatment

Immediately after treatment, you will be asked to stay at the clinic and cool the skin for up to half an hour. This is important as it will help to minimise skin reactions-

Keep the skin cool for 2-3 weeks after treatment, especially on facial areas. Anything that can cause your face to flush must be avoided as if can cause vessels to re-open. Avoid large quantities of alcohol and heavy exercise.

Do not expose the treated area to UV for 8 weeks after treatment to reduce the risk of pigmentation problems.

If you apply make up to the treated area, cleanse it very gently; pat the skin dry, do not rub. Anything that opens the skin up will increase the risk of infection.

Do not use Glycolic products until the area is fully healed.

Do not shave the area till fully healed.

Dressings are not normally used on facial areas; keep the skin clean, dry and cool and it will recover quickly.

Contact the clinic immediately if you are concerned about the healing process or if you think that an infection has started to develop.

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